Bob Dylan Traded a $750,000 Andy Warhol Painting for a Couch: It ‘Was a Stupid Thing to Do’

We’ve all done our fair share of bad choices, but Bob Dylan’s “silly thing” cost him $ 750,000. After meeting Andy Warhol through a girlfriend, Dylan left with an expensive picture of “Double Elvis,” even though he wasn’t completely ignorant of its value.

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How the paths of Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol crossed

It began with Warhol’s “screen experiments” showing different people in the 60s. “In these short films, Warhol created his own repository of Superstars,” he said The Warhol. “Superstars are actors who are interesting enough to lead a film on their own – not by playing a specific role but by being themselves. ”

Among those superstitions that were invited to be one of Warhol’s screen test subjects was none other than Dylan. according to Fred Bals, was invited by filmmaker Barbara Rubin to “make two-minute silent footage by Factory executives and outside celebrities.” The minutes of the meeting are unclear, but it is said to have been in 1965 or 1966.

Nonetheless, Dylan is said to have “sat quietly staring into the camera for a few minutes and then handed or handed (according to the speaker) an umbrella- Warhol’s shadow of two statues that crossed Elvis Presley, part of what became known as the Elvis Money Series. ”

Considering the value of such a painting, many have discovered why Warhol let Dylan do it in the first place.

Why Andy Warhol gave Bob Dylan a picture of Elvis

According to Fred Bals, in some accounts Dylan and Warhol are doing a potlatch dance ‘you are cool, man,’ ‘you are no colder, a man’ around each other who was willingly ended up with Warhol taking the Elvis away. ”

Other accounts are not so light. Some say that Dylan may have asked for the painting as payment for his screen test, “taking the paint down the goods elevator before anyone in the Warhol camp could complain to do. ”

The exact accounts may not be publicly aware of the deterioration. But it is a fact that Warhol admitted that he gave the picture to Dylan, taking any form of board theft. Nonetheless, the most interesting part of the story is the rumors about how Dylan dealt with it.

What Bob Dylan did with Andy Warhol’s picture

Warhol firmly believed that Dylan would make it great. But Dylan reportedly did not feel the same way about Warhol and was rumored to have done terrible things to the picture he gave him. “I heard rumors that he had used the Elvis as a dart board up in the country,” Warhol once said, according to Fred Bals.

Despite what Warhol heard, Dylan sold the picture to his manager. “I once traded Andy Warhol’s ‘Elvis Presley’ for a sofa, which was a silly thing to do,” said Dylan, according to a case of Spin. “I always wanted to tell Andrew what I was stupid about [did], and if he had another picture he would give me, I would not do it again. “

That being said, it looks like Dylan didn’t destroy Warhol’s gift. Instead, the widow of his manager reportedly received $ 750,000 for a Double Elvis photo, according to ElvisBlog. Hope every shirt Dylan got worth it.

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