‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis

Blue blood Star Vanessa Ray recently shared her experience with bipolar disorder. Here is what the actress revealed about her judgment and what motivated her to seek professional help.

Vanessa Ray says she did not understand her feelings of depression and anxiety at first

Vanessa Ray | Photos Noam Galai / Getty

During an interview with Seaset pink lemon a podcast hosting Nicole Kaplan and Heidi Webster, Ray says she was feeling depressed and anxious, but not sure what was happening to her at first.

“I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety,” says Ray. “I was never found, and I never understood what that was. I always thought, well that’s just me. I am just someone who can be outside and clear one day and then I need four days to get inside my house and I just want to sleep. I just want to go to sleep and some days I didn’t want to wake up. ”

Vanessa Ray went through a ‘dark patch’

Vanessa Ray in 2019 at the premiere of 'Cats' |  God Dipasupil / Getty Images
Vanessa Ray in 2019 at the premiere of ‘Cats’ | God Dipasupil / Getty Images

Ray remembered a challenging time in her life about four years ago when her depressive symptoms worsened. She says she has reached a point where depression was “completely uncontrollable.” She admits she was not eating healthy and started drinking a lot of alcohol and taking drugs. “I had a dark spot a year or two ago,” said Ray. “I lost all value in myself.”

Ray says she felt guilty for having those feelings because she has a good life. She felt like she shouldn’t have felt sad or angry because there are people around her who like her, and she has a successful career. She says she was so sad that she could not feel joy even when everything in her life was going well.

Inside, I was Cinderella after the ball. You work so hard, and it’s magical, and all that stuff. And you go home, and then you’re still just you at home, dealing with the same mental health issues that you were dealing with before you had those things to be shiny and looking. So he had gotten to a really bad place.

And around Christmas, I got sick. My body was giving up. And my husband was like, ‘What’s going on? What’s up?’ And I was like, ‘I’m just so sorry. I’m so angry and I’m so sorry. ‘

Vanessa Ray, Pink Lemonade Stand podcast

Vanessa Ray was assisted at a mental health facility

Ray decided to go to a mental health facility for about three months. She says she received “very intensive treatment” and training. “My diagnosis was bipolar at the time, which made everything make so much sense to me,” says Ray. Now that she’s judged, Ray says she makes sure she pays extra attention to her mind and body.

Ray exercises every day, eats healthy food, stays connected with friends and family, and takes medication for bipolar disorder. “I need to make stuff that will make me physically successful to deal with these other issues,” adds Ray.

The Blue blood actor affirms that mental illness is not always obvious. “It’s not just your friends ‘basket issue’. It’s your friends who keep it together, ”she says.

Ray also says it’s important to be truthful and truly love yourself. “” The more places in my life that I can be real, real, the easier my life is, and the easier my love ‘s life is, “Ray continues. I think that ‘s the name of the whole game of life. It’s discovering how deeply and truly you can love yourself and take care of yourself. “

How to get help: In the US and Canada, the text of the Emergency text line at 741741 to reach an emergency counselor for assistance.

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