‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Pulls a Frank Reagan In Real Life

Since 2010, CBS’s Blue blood has delighted audiences with its insights into policing approach and detective work. His 11 seasons follow Frank Reagan, New York City Police commissioner and head of the Reagan star family.

The American actor behind the Irish-Catholic Reagan patriarch is Tom Selleck, who quickly captured the hearts of the audience with his courage and compass. Recently, Selleck received even more praise when fans heard that he was taking his displeasure from the screen into his daily life.

‘Blue Bloods’ full of sacrifice and heroism

Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan forward Blue blood. | Patrick Harbron / CBS through Getty Images

For Blue Bloods’ Reagan family, there is very little home-work separation. Although Frank is a disguised Police Commissioner, he is far from the only hero in the house.

His son Danny serves as a detective for the NYPD, and his youngest, Jamie, is a sergeant for the same division. His daughter Erin is a district patron, allowing viewers a complete view of justice work through one family.

The show has a history of using its justice-oriented lens to highlight important social issues. Blue blood made history by becoming the first film crew to capture a scene at the 9/11 Memorial – leading to an emotional program that Selleck names as his favorite.

The first look of the latest season also acknowledged cases of police brutality. While this latest move seemed to be the result of the false death of George Floyd, the show never went away from revealing the inequalities of the legal system. In fact, the show often mentions Reagan’s extra son, Joe, who was killed by a corrupt cop.

Incompetent Frank Reagan is just one of Selleck ‘s many responsibilities

according to CBS, Frank Reagan was a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps before serving as a police tender. Not surprisingly, fans of the show were drawn to the story of this hero and his family. But despite the fact that Reagan’s career was Tom Selleck’s longest-running career, he is far from the only known character he took on.

Selleck earned his first all-time place with a star Magnum, PI For 162 programs over eight years of the 80s, Selleck presented Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in Oahu, Hawaii. While this show was also a CBS drama, Selleck has been in many other roles since then featuring his full range.

His character Magnum appeared in several sections of Murder, She wrote. He also took the title role of Jesse Stone in several successful TV films. Perhaps in particular, he found his way into the Friends thrown. Despite his recent loss to Chandler, Selleck appeared in ten programs as Dr. Richard Burke in an effort to win Monica’s heart.

Selleck quietly took part in the 2020 Tip Challenge

Selleck recently brought the charm and compassion from the screen to the service industry. according to People, Selleck dropped a $ 2,020 tip on a $ 204.68 bill at a restaurant in New York, Elios. His move follows in the footsteps of many stars who took the # 2020TipChallenge – a move to demonstrate value to service personnel that has had a major impact on coronavirus closure.

Of course, it was Donnie Wahlberg, another one Blue blood star, which first drew attention to Selleck’s kind deed. On December 23, he tweeted, “I found out it was my dad TV #TomSelleck generously accepted the # 2020TipChallenge at Elios Upper East Side! ”In a follow-up interview with People, he stressed that Selleck had kept the real movement of kindness to himself for weeks.

Selleck’s off-screen actions are similar to Reagan’s as a testament to his true character. We’re sure Selleck’s server felt as if they had just been a part of a heartbreak Blue blood family dinner.

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