Billy Joel Wrote ‘Uptown Girl’ About Elle MacPherson But His Next Supermodel Girlfriend Ended Up in the Music Video

Singers and songwriters are inspired for their songs in places without thought. While many are inspired by their natural environment, some turn their love into good times.

Billy Joel is famous for finding inspiration from his failed marriages. The famous singer wrote ‘Uptown Girl’ for one of his supermodel girls, but another lover ended up participating in the catchy song.

Who is Billy Joel

Billy Joel
Billy Joel | John Lamparski / WireImage

Billy Joel was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1949, as William Martin Joel. Growing up, his mother insisted that he take piano lessons. The singer went to Hicksville High School but dropped out to pursue music full time. At the time, he had already received a gig playing in a local bar, he used his earnings to support his mother, who cared for the family.

Joel credits Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and TheEverly Brothers for his music. He played in two short-lived bands called Attila and The Hassles. In 1972, Joel signed a one-man contract and began his career on his own Cold Springs Harbor release.

After performance Captain Jack on the radio, Columbia Records noticed him and signed him, prompting his release The Piano Man in 1973. The record An Stranger perhaps his most successful commercial records.

The album sold over 10 million copies and became the best record made by Columbia Record. The Stranger songs were like It’s just the Good Die Young, just the way you are, and She always is Female.

Joel may be a successful musician, but there was little luck in his relationships

Joel met his first wife, Elizabeth Weber Small, through his first band Attila. At the time, Weber was married to Joel’s music partner in the group Attila Jon Small when she and Joel began their relationship. When the truth about their relationship came to light, she briefly ended her relationship with the two men.

Joel and Weber were married in 1973, and Weber began managing his career. The couple remained married for nine years until his retirement on July 20, 1982. Shortly after his marriage to Weber, Joel decided to take a break from it all.

He went on holiday at St Bart’s, and while playing at a local bar, he met supermodels Elle Macpherson and his future wife, Christie Brinkley.

Joel was surprised by the interest of two supermodels Brinkley and Macpherson. He gave Macpherson a short date, but he eventually married Brinkley. Brinkley and Joel were married in 1985. However, the couple divorced in 1984 because of Joel’s distance and travels.

Joel married for the third time tying the knot with Katie Lee, 23, in October 2004. The couple divorced in 2009 after five years in marriage. In 2009, Joel met Alexis Roderick, and the couple married in 2015.

Billy Joel’s relationships inspired some of his famous songs

Leave it to Billy Joel to turn a heartbreak to a major tune. When he was married to Weber, he wrote songs like She is always a woman and She has found a way. He also wrote the song Just the way you are Is for her.

When he was with Brinkley, he was inspired to write An innocent man, and This is the time for her. But his brief romance with supermodel Macpherson inspired his hugely successful journey Uptown Daughter. At the time, he had written the song in plural Uptown Girls to describe his relationship with the women of his past life.

However, he ended up rewriting it to a single for Macpherson. When the song’s music video came out, Brinkley was the lead actor, so everyone thought the song was all about her. The fact of the matter is that the song was originally meant for Macpherson, but before he shot the music video, he was already dating Brinkley, so he came to be.

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