Beyoncé’s Performance at Obama’s Inaugural Ball Sparked a Controversy With Etta James

What happens when two music queens enter a public spat? The world found out when Beyoncé played at the 2009 inauguration of US President Barack Obama.

In her performance, Beyoncé covered “At Last,” one of the most famous songs by the late musician Etta James. And when James was asked what she thought of Beyoncé using her song, the gospel singer had a few words of choice for the eye-catching Destiny’s Child star who sparked a world-famous controversy .

Beyoncé covered Etta James ’famous song‘ At Last ’at Obama’s inaugural ball

There was immediate information around the world about the conflict between James and Beyoncé. But the Guardian also reports that James’ son said his mother was genuinely fond of the consecration performance, and that he was just upset that she could not attend in person because she was recovering from the surgery.

“She was [just] a little down that she wasn’t good enough to be there, ”he told the Guardian.

In a report published by Today, James himself said that people took her quota out of context and that she was just joking.

“I didn’t mean anything at all,” said James, revealing that she has always been a joke since she was a young child. “I was not ridiculed in Seattle,” she explained. “They were all laughing, and it was funny. ”

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