Betty White Once Revealed Her Biggest Regret in Life — and It Has To Do With Her Third Husband Allen Ludden

In the 60s, Betty White met and fell in love with her third husband, Allen Ludden, while in the midst of advancing her television career. For 18 years, White and Ludden had a great relationship. But despite the warm marriage, the Golden Girls the actress has one big regret about her romance with the late TV personality – and it’s a bit broken.

Betty White and Allen Ludden
Betty White and Allen Ludden Walt Disney Television through Getty Images Photo Archives

Betty White meets Allen Ludden on ‘Password’

Over the years, people have come to know and love White’s career as an entertainment on TV. But what is not talked about though, is her love life.

Although currently single, White has been at the altar three times in her life. She first married U.S. Army Air Force aircraft pilot Dick Barker in 1945. After a year-long union, White was divorced from Barker.

White later married Hollywood actress Lane Allen in 1947, but this relationship was not short-lived, just like her first marriage.

After two failed marriages, it began to look like White had not been cut out for married life. However, that all changed in the early 1960s when she met television personality Allen Ludden while appearing on his hit game show, Password.

Betty White regrets not marrying Allen Ludden earlier

In 1961, White traveled to New York City to appear on Ludden’s new TV show.

Password there would be two teams, each with a celebrity and a “civilian” competitor. During the game, the pairs would give each other one-word clues to guess a word of mystery.

Ludden hosted the show, and when White appeared a guest, they immediately struck off. The two developed a relationship from there and went on courtship for a year.

During that time, Ludden had praised White more than once. But because of the Life With Elizabeth Feeling a “failure” after her first two marriages, she rejected Ludden ‘s suggestions for months before finally agreeing to tie the knot in 1963.

Allen Ludden and Betty White
Allen Ludden and Betty White CBS through Getty Images

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“I kept saying no for a year,” White told him Press release in 2011, “Finally, Easter has come. He sent me a white bunny with ear rings with earrings and a card that said, ‘See you say? ‘So when I answered the phone that night, I didn’t say hello, I said,’ Yes. ‘ ”

White seemed to be happily ever after, enjoying 18 years of marital bliss with Ludden, until 1981, when he sadly passed away with stomach cancer.

The actor never remarried after that.

In 2015, White revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she didn’t have the same relationship regrets marrying Ludden earlier.

“I spent a whole year, spending a whole year that Allen and I could have together, saying, ‘No, I won’t marry him,'” she told Winfrey on a program of Where are they now?. “I was spending a whole year we could be together, but we did it. We finally did. ”

Betty White still considers herself ‘lucky’ despite all this

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Since losing her husband, White has spent her life on her sitcom and animal work, which happens to be two of her biggest sufferings.

“I’m the luckiest person in the world,” she told TvGuide before Do you remember? “My life is divided into half parts: half animals, half show business. These are my two favorite things, and I have to stay in the show business to pay for my animal work! ”

But despite living an exciting life, the humorous actor appeared Closer to each week that there was one point she missed keeping someone.

However, White has sworn about the idea of ​​marrying for the fourth time, he explains Anderson Cooper in 2011, “I had the love of my life. If you’ve got the best, who needs the rest? ”

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