Betty White Met Her Third Husband on This Game Show

Back in the ’60s, Betty White was still busy with her television course. She also met her third husband through a guest TV show. She expressed remorse for the relationship and how fans talked to her about her famous relationship during The Golden Girls.

Betty White meets Allen Ludden on ‘Password’

Betty White on 'Young & Hungry'
Betty White on ‘Young & Hungry | Eric McCandless / Freeform through Getty Images

The actress opened up about her husband’s illness, according to Closer to each week. “Radiation or chemotherapy did not prescribe hope, and after much consultation, we chose against either,” White said. “We decided to move on and make the most of each day for whatever time we spent together.”

White continued her television course after losing her husband. She finally made a star The Golden Girls in 1985 and Ludden was still remembered by fans. Widows wrote her letters seeking advice.

“There is no formula. Keep busy with your work and life, ”she said. “You can’t be a professional mourner. It will not help you or others. Keep the man in your heart at all times. Replay the good times. Be thankful for the years you have had. ”

White has kept busy. The comedian said she plans to keep working instead of retiring.

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