Betty White and Alex Trebek Were Great Friends: Will She Make a Public Statement About His Death?

Betty White has admitted that she has been in the show business for decades and over the years she has been able to call many, many co-stars and actresses her friends.

One of her closest people was late Jeopardy! host of Alex Trebek, who died Nov. 8. Countless revelations have been shown for Trebek from celebrities, friends, and fans.

White, however, has remained silent about the death of her friend from pancreatic cancer.

Betty White and Alex Trebek, 1986
Betty White and Alex Trebek, 1986 | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Betty White and Alex Trebek were good friends

White and Trebek moved in the same circles and became good friends. Her husband, Allen Ludden, who died of stomach cancer in 1981, was also a well-known host for the game.

The love questionnaire show star even offered White’s name up as a substitute for him Jeopardy!

“When people ask me who I would like to see replace them, I say, ‘Well, it could be a woman, and she has to be clear, she has to have a good sense of humor. … ‘Uhhh, we’ll see… Betty White! Betty White is my choice, ”Trebek said at a Association of Television Critics trip in January.

And talking to America Good morning in July on the same subject, Trebek said, “I say Betty White. They want someone younger, someone more fun, she checks all those boxes. Betty and I have been friends for a long time. ”

Alex Trebek, left, on a program of 'The Golden Girls' starring Betty White, David Leisure, and Bea Arthur
Alex Trebek, left, on a program of ‘The Golden Girls’ by
Betty White, David Leisure, and Bea Arthur | Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank

White had fond memories of Mary Tyler Moore after her death

What makes White’s social media post or statement about Trebek more unusual is that she was posting a heartfelt statement at the time of Mary Tyler Moore’s death in 2017.

Along with a photograph of Moore, she was mentioned by her husband Grant Tinker, White, and her husband Allen Ludden, White Twitter after Moore ‘s death, “Some of the best times of my life were with Mary Tyler Moore, Grant Tinker, Allen Ludden. She was special. ”

When she entered Moore’s self-titled classic sitcom in 1973, White was ecstatic to be part of the ensemble team. “I was so happy, so happy,” she told the American Television Archive in 1997. “And so grateful. I started out as an actor in the industry, but then did game shows and talk shows. I became a “television personality.” So it surprised everyone. ‘Why, Betty can be active, isn’t that amazing?’ It really turned my career upside down. ”

White has been lying low through the pandemic

Little has been seen or heard from Betty White throughout the pandemic that began in earnest around the world in March.

Last time a Hot in Cleveland He was starred from the March program of “Alan Alda”Clear + vibrant”Podcast. While her voice felt a little weak, she seemed to be having a good time with Alda, remembering old times and laughing.

She told Alda, “I’m fine and I don’t look around. ”

And her last social media post was in May, urging fans to watch her Carol Burnett Exhibition marathon.

White’s representative said Today on the same month when the actor was fine, with “no one is allowed except those who need to. There are helpers who are good with her. “

It is not known when or whether White will say everything in public about Alex Trebek, and she certainly does not have to. It may be emotionally painful for her to do so, or she may have just chosen to keep her thoughts private.

As one fan recently commented in response to White ‘s Instagram post on Carol Burnett, “Betty, I heard you were very close to Alex Trebek. I am so sorry for your loss. Love you Betty. ”

That’s almost as perfect as the kind of statement that many Betty White fans would like to convey to her, America’s national treasure.

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