Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Favorite Skinnygirl Product After 10 Years of Success and a $100 Million Cocktail Lin

Bethenny Frankel’s progressive TV role was featured Real New York Housewives when it ended in 2008. She left the show last year, much to the disappointment of fans.

But Frankel is certainly not extinct. One of the initiatives in which she is involved is her Skinnygirl product line, and it is part of what has made her a very wealthy woman.

Bethenny Frankel has a head for business

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel | Jim Spellman / Getty Images

When Frankel began her time RHONY in 2008, she already had plans to build an empire. She was only paid $ 7,250 for the first show, but as a reward she negotiated a clause that said she didn’t have to cut Bravo out of any business she promoted on the show.

This seemed like a strong move, as Frankel was about to launch a campaign that would do very well.

according to Women’s Health, Frankel was struggling financially when she started running RHONY, but she quickly left those days behind her. Her pay for the show skyrocketed from that paltry paycheck for the first show, until she earned $ 1 million a quarter. She expanded her TV reach by appearing on other Bravo shows, including Real Beverly Mountain Housewives and two other exhibitions.

Soon, she became the only star from the Real Housewives franchise to be named on Forbes’ list of best-selling reality TV stars. But Frankel hasn’t done it yet.

Building the Skinnygirl empire

Frankel’s business acumen began to shine just a year after its debut RHONY, when she started her Skinnygirl brand. Her first product was a low calorie margarita, and it was very appealing.

She expanded to a full line of diet cocktails, then began adding other products, such as dressings, popcorn, coffee, additives, and even hair and skin care.

In 2011, Frankel sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line to a company called Beam Global, for $ 100 million. As part of the deal, she was able to retain the right to use the Skinnygirl name for her other products, a line she continues to grow.

With all of these ventures, plus four best-selling books and a handful of real estate deals, Frankel is worth about $ 700 million these days – almost three times its net worth last year . Clearly, her Skinnygirl campaign has dealt with her well. But out of her many results, which one is her favorite?

What Skinnygirl product is in tops?

Frankel recently started her own podcast, Just B by Bethenny Frankel, and has hosted guests of big names, including Hillary Clinton, Dana White, and Paris Hilton. But last month she appeared on another podcast, All symbolic by Danny Pellegrino.

Pellegrino picked up her Skinnygirl line, saying the white cranberry margarita was his mother’s favorite. He wanted to find out which one Frankel preferred.

She explained that since she has sold the cocktail line she cannot speak to these products. But she has a lot to say about the rest.

She is particularly proud of the preserves, saying that Kelly Ripa seems to have even mentioned them on her talk show. “Medications are lame. As I look at the supermarket and it doesn’t taste good and has a lot of sugar. So the remedies are wonderful. ”

She mentioned that she loves the accessories for ties and hair, skin, and nails. The cardigan far from her clothing line is particularly snuggly. But her favorite thing?

“The popcorn, microwave popcorn is no better, time.”

Frankel may have started her time with the Real Housewives franchise a little behind the ball, financially, but she is on her way to becoming a billionaire now. And she’s a huge fan of the products that get it.

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