Ben Stiller Hilariously Forget His Line in ‘Zoolander’ and It Led to a Classic Phrase

Ben Stiller was already a big name when Zoolander It was first shown in 2001. But the film has become one of the most successful films ever. The Derek Zoolander saga remains a favorite to this day, almost 20 years later.

Stiller has a gift for comedy, and indoors Zoolander, it shows. But it might surprise fans to find out that one of the funniest lines in the film wasn’t written into the script. It happened when Stiller had his own Zoolander moment, and he forgot his lines, leaving him looking as sad as his character.

“But why male models?” one of the funniest lines in ‘Zoolander’

Ben Stiller with headband in scene from the film 'Zoolander', 2001.
Ben Stiller with headband in scene from the movie ‘Zoolander’, 2001. | Very Important Photos / Getty Images

In the film, Derek Zoolander, a successful male model, discovers an evil plot. One of the biggest names in fashion, Mugatu, is plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

He’s going to use male models, especially Zoolander, to make it. Derek learns the truth about how Mugatu controls the minds of male models from a hand-held model played by David Duchovny. They meet late at night, and Duchovny unleashes Mugatu’s evil plot. Zoolander asks: “But why male models?”

Duchovny’s character explains that male models are in the highest physical shape, and trained to obey orders. Derek listens to the entire speech, and even showers back on what happened to him as a male model.

Then, at the end of Duchovny’s explanation, Derek asks again “But why male models? ”Again, as if he had forgotten everything he had heard. Duchovny looks completely confused, and the scene seems to have been real.

Ben Stiller had no right to repeat the line

Stiller may have been using the method acting technique when this scene was of Zoolander was filmed. Forgetting what he was supposed to say seems like just what Derek Zoolander himself would do.

The line shouldn’t be there again. Stiller forgot his line, so he said again, “But why male models?”

Duchovny’s upset seemed real, as Stiller went off the script. But the line worked so well, and he was so great in character for Derek Zoolander, that the director decided to keep it. The line has grown to stand out in a film full of big lines, which says something.

‘Zoolander’ is famous for its meme potential

There are a lot of big lines that came out of it Zoolander. People still refer to Derek Zoolander ‘s signature, as Blue Steel. Mugatu, played by Will Ferrell, is one of the most interesting and deceptive lines in the film.

The only one in the film who admits what the audience thinks is that Derek Zoolander ‘s appearance all looks the same. When no one else seems to see him, he says “I feel like I’m taking smart pills!”

The line is often repeated or used online as a meme, but this is probably not the most mentioned line in the film. That honor seems to go to one of Stiller. Derek Zoolander is trying to use his reputation for good by building a school.

When he shows an architectural model of what the building looks like, he is encouraged. He says “What is this? Center for ants? How can we expect to teach children to learn how to read if they can’t even be inside the building? ”

The comedy of the scene is augmented by the name Derek has chosen for his school: “The Derek Zoolander Center for Children who can’t read well and who wants to learn other materials too well.” The line has indeed become part of indigenous culture in the USA.

People usually refer to small things as “for ants,” and there’s even a group on Reddit dedicated to looking at smaller versions of small things and asking if they want ants, describing the image line.

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