Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten’s Brownie Pudding Recipe Is a Decadent Molten Chocolate Dessert

What’s better than a simple brownie? The Ina Garten brownie dessert recipe at the next level takes the best of brownies and marries it with melted lava cake for the sinister Barefoot Contessa creation that makes the perfect dessert.

Ina Garten and Savannah Guthrie on today 2018
Ina Garten and Savannah Guthrie Nathan Congleton / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Contessa’s barefoot brownie dessert recipe is ooey-gooey

Garten’s brownie dessert recipe such desserts are decadent, with a gooey center that matches perfectly with a crunchy brownie texture. It contains just six ingredients and one optional small additive that gives it a little bit of flavor. The desert can be topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a splash of chocolate syrup as well.

During a program of Contessa barefooted, Garten showed how easy the brownie dessert is to make, as she explained how she found her way to her husband Jeffrey ‘s heart with brownies. “When I was 16 and Jeffrey was 18, I would make brownies for him and put them in a big box for school,” she said. “I think he was the most popular man in the dorm when they arrived. ”

“So I think brownie desserts are very romantic for our birthday,” she said.

Contessa barefoot brown dessert recipe

Garten’s brownie dessert recipe, according to the Food Network star, “is a lot more like something between a brownie and a dessert. It’s a lot like melting in the middle. ”

Gloomy Brownies Ina Garten

If you’re more of a brownie purist, Garten has a recipe for her greasy brownies loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts. It has a special ingredient that it says promotes the taste of chocolate – coffee beans.

When you show how to make the brownie recipe on Food Network All-Star DeathsGarten said, “I think this is the most popular thing I have ever done at Barefoot Contessa. We used to sell like a thousand of them a week. ”

“And then because chocolate is fortified with coffee flavor, I added three tablespoons of coffee granules,” she said. “No coffee preparation, just instant coffee.”

According to Garten, coffee is “one of those magical things that brings out the taste of chocolate. ”

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