Barbara Walters Felt ‘Flustered’ and ‘Goofy’ Around 1 Actor and Cut His Interview Off

As a journalist and public journalist, Barbara Walters has experienced both controversy and daring. Connie Chung recently spoke about the cutthroat contest she saw between Walters and Diane Sawyer and commented on their hunger for breaking a story.

With that in mind, it was rare to capture Walters as anything but invisible when interviewing guests. She asks tough questions and has met with politicians, Hollywood royalty, and several others. But there was once a career when a celebrity called her blush and “lost it.”

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters will be attending the Broadway production of ‘The Father’ | Walter McBride / WireImage / Getty Images

When Barbara Walters captured her first big break

One of Walters’ early achievements was to land at a gig at the Today exhibition in the mid-1960s. She was the first woman in the post and turned the situation into the one where she shone.

In 1974, she was appointed co-anchor by Hugh Downs, a historic achievement as not only did she become the first woman to host the evening news, but her contract reached $ 1 million.

Shortly until 1979, Walters moved on to a different exhibition that became part of her signature: 20/20. In 1980, she was a quarterly journalist who traveled the world to cover the news and conduct interviews.

An interview with Clint Eastwood Walters threw off her game

In the ’80s, Barbara Walters had an established reputation in the media, and was respected for her non-military way of asking questions. Her 1982 interview with Clint Eastwood was their second, but he entered a flirty area and threw Walters completely for a loop.

In her book 2008, Audition: Memory, she remembered how they considered his secret nature and whether he would pass on his feelings to anyone. When Walters asked if he shared things with a woman, Eastwood replied that he would not say 100% of anything. She said they would drive each other cunningly as she would not be able to stop questions.

According to Walters, Eastwood was “looking deep” into his eyes, laughing and saying, “Well, we could try to see if it worked out. ”That sent her to another place.

“At that time, for the first and last time in an interview, I missed it,” Walters wrote. “I found everything smooth and goofy and told the camera to stop taping. What ‘s worse, after the interview, Eastwood asked if I wanted to stay and have dinner with him. God knows why, but I said I had to fly back to Los Angeles with my crew, ”she recalled.

Eastwood was single at the time, and Walters joked that she could be like Mrs. Eastwood. An archive of the interview still appears all over the internet and can be viewed here.

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood, 1982 | Eddie Sanderson / Getty Images

Eastwood remarried and is still friendly with Walters

Eastwood would end up marrying Dina Ruiz, and Walters moved on with her love life. However, she interviewed the actor several times after they met in 1982, and he never picked up their flirty exchange in the wildflower range. Right now, Eastwood is said to be dating Christina Sandera.

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