Barbara Walters’ Daughter Is Named After 2 Significant Women in Her Life

Although no longer an active journalist, author and TV personality Barbara Walters is still influencing the media landscape today.

Look no further than ABC’s daily talk show The Vision, which remains one of the most watched television shows (created by Walters The Vision back in the mid-1990s, and carried it out for decades). While Walters led a very public life, she often kept her family life very private. And that includes her role as a celebrity parent. Walters has one daughter, and the name she gave her child is very important to the retired journalist.

Barbara Walters had an interesting life in the media

In the 1960s, Walters married Lee Guber, a theater producer. The couple never had biological children, though they tried. The Post Huffington reports that Walters once revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she had three births. And then Walter got a chance to become a mother through adoption.

“We had dinner one night with a couple we rarely saw,” Walters recalled in a Huffington Post article. “The woman said yes [the opportunity to adopt] little girl who was blond and blue. ”

Her friends had been trying to catch a boy and they didn’t want a girl. “We said, ‘We’ll take the girl! ‘”Walters remembers.

To honor her childhood, Walters chose a name for her daughter that would be in memory of Walters’ own mother and sister: Jacqueline Dena Walters, named after her mother Dena and sister Jacqueline.

“Jacqueline… is a very special person,” Walters said in 2003, as stated in “That way, it might be like me, mum. And she says, ‘You’ll see, I’ll follow you.’ When she says that, I am so great. ”

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