Barack Obama Reveals How He and Michelle Fell Back in Love After the White House Strained Their Relationship

During their eight years in office, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were widely regarded as #couplegoals. But since the two have been out of the White House, they have both opened up and found out about their relationship and the tax that was incumbent on their union.

Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama Scott Olson / Getty Images

Presidential fight over Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage

Obama opened his journey to becoming president in his new book, Promising land, and it turned out that Michelle was not happy at first when he talked to her about running for president.

“She gave me a hard look and got up from the cup. ‘God, Barack… When will it be enough?’ ”He writes in the book. “Before I could answer, she had gone into the bedroom and closed the door. ”

And while in the White House, he worried that the leadership might have been pushed too far apart.

“There were nights, when I was lying next to Michelle in the dark, I would think of those days when everything between us would feel lighter, when her smile would be more lasting and our less love diminished and my heart would suddenly ache with the thought that those days might not return. ”

In a new interview with People, Barack talked about his marriage in those years.

“Michelle was a strong believer in my work but less optimistic about what I could do. … She is more relaxed about politics and more interesting than the sacrifices for the family, ”he told the service.

How Barack and Michelle postponed their marriage

While there were certainly pressures in the White House, there were good times as well.

“I think we came out of it altogether,” he told the rebel. “There was great joy in the White House. There was never a time when we did not recognize that it was a wonderful privilege to be there. More importantly, our children have appeared whole and are wonderful, kind, thoughtful, creative – and unworthy – young women. So that’s a big relief. ”

And after leaving the White House, Barack and Michelle were able to relax and reconnect.

“We did,” he said. “It was like a big exhale right after we left the office. It took her a while to talk about how she was feeling. one time [the presidency] done, she was able to open up … but more importantly, just be able to breathe out and relax. “

Michelle and Barack look at each other as a team

Michelle has also admitted to the hard times she has gone through with Barack in her book Growing up but in the end, she and her husband have been able to make it through the many hardships they have endured as they view each other as team players.

“People are not perfect,” she said as she spoke to Conan O’Brien on a program of her podcast. “Marriage is hard. It is a struggle for everyone. However, the question you have to ask is do you want to spend this life with someone? Want to pick something up with someone? And there is no magic way to achieve that. ”

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