Baker Mayfield Made 1 Major Move That Paved the Way For Patrick Mahomes

The Cleveland Browns take on the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend in the NFL playoffs. And that means Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes will once again take over.

Despite having both quarterbacks in their mid-20s and just a few years of NFL experience, Mayfield and Mahomes have a true history. In fact, it was Mayfield who made the way for Mahomes at Texas Tech.

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Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield John Sleezer / Kansas City News Service / Tribune via Getty Images

Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes were part of an epic college football game

Two years before Mayfield and Mahomes started making headlines in the NFL, they were part of an epic college football game. In 2016, Mayfield was a QB for the Oklahoma Sooners and Mahomes was at the helm for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

In one of the highest ever college football games, Mayfield and Mahomes lit the scoreboard. The Sooners would eventually outscore Texas Tech 66-59. And along the way, they broke a lot of records.

according to ESPN, the two sides came together for 1,708 yards of offense, which was an FSB record. Mahomes himself set a record with 819 yards in total, including 734 passing yards. Mahomes and Mayfield threw together the ever-passing yards in a college football game – 1,279. And, Mayfield threw seven passes, which broke the OU record for most passes around the throw in a single game.

“That night, those two did the best you can ever do in college,” said Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury. “I’ve never seen two lads do it better on the same pitch. They were both on fire. ”

The Oklahoma quarterback began his career as a Texas Tech Red Raider

Even though Mayfield and Mahomes faced each other in one of the most infamous college football games ever, they were almost players.

Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel pointed this out when he appeared tweet, “When Patrick Mahomes officially visited Texas Tech, his guest was… Baker Mayfield. They meet next week in the NFL playoffs. ”

That’s right. Mayfield hosted Mahomes on his official recruitment trip to Texas Tech. How is this possible? Well, Mayfield spent his new year at Tech as a walking degree. He also surprised that season as a starter and led the Sooners to five straight winners.

But when Mayfield was injured, things quickly turned between Mayfield and Texas Tech. He says there was no communication from the coach and he got frustrated.

“When I was injured, there was no communication between me and my coach,” Mayfield explained. “When I got healthy, I didn’t know why I wasn’t playing right away. At the time, we were losing a couple games in a row. I still didn’t know why I wasn’t playing. That was very difficult for me because I started the first five games and we won. ”

Baker Mayfield moved to Oklahoma after his new year

Mayfield was the first true walking expert in FBS history to start in a quarterback opener as a quarterback. But by the end of the season, he was ready to move. Mayfield said Tech did not offer him a spring scholarship. So instead, he announced in December 2013 that he would be moving to Oklahoma.

Things got ugly after the move because of eligibility rules. At the time, when a Big 12 player moved inside the conference, they had to sit out one year and lose that year of eligibility. But after sitting out that same season, the conference brought back that year of eligibility by throwing in the rules. It is now known as Baker Mayfield ‘s rule.

Mayfield would go on to win the Heisman Cup before being drafted as the most selected number in the 2018 NFL draft. Meanwhile, after Mayfield left Texas Tech, Mahomes became their starting QB. The Chiefs selected him as their first choice (10th overall) in the 2017 draft.

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns will face Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC regional playoffs on Sunday, Jan. 17 on CBS.

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