Azriel Clary Speaks on Backlash She’s Received Regarding Her Relationship With Her Ex, R. Kelly – ‘Victims Should Not Be Shamed’

Azriel Clary, R. Kelly ‘s girlfriend, says the support she has received since she came forward with allegations of abuse from Kelly has been hard to say. Clary was in a five-year relationship with Kelly, starting when she was a minor. Despite the criticism, Clary says she will continue to be a voice for herself and other victims.

Azriel Clary
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A retelling of Azriel Clary’s five-year relationship with R. Kelly

Clary met Kelly when she was 17 at a concert in her Florida hometown. An aspiring singer, she was invited on stage by Kelly and later accepted the suggestion that the singer would be behind the stage as a defender.

Initially, Clary’s parents, or another adult in Clary’s family, would travel with Clary as she worked with Kelly. Her parents claim that when Clary turned 18, all communication with their daughter would stop. They later found out that Clary began having a sexual relationship with Kelly when she was a minor.

Per the Clary’s, their daughter was one of Kelly’s live-action girls who lived in a sex cult. They also say their daughter was in a manipulative and abstract relationship with Kelly that controlled her in every movement.

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The center of the controversy Surviving R. Kelly the documentary, Clary and Kelly’s other daughter, Joycelyn Savage, spoke to Gayle King and denied her parents ’account. They said their parents were out on black Kelly.

Months later, however, Clary fled Kelly’s home and confirmed that Kelly had been mistreated during their relationship.

Azriel Clary comes forward with details of the abuse she says she received from R. Kelly

Clary has been opening up more about her troubled relationship with the anxious R&B singer. In an interview in January 2020 with Sun of the UK, Clary spoke about the verbal, physical and emotional abuse she says she suffered at Kelly ‘s hands.

Clary told the uprising that one of her worst blows came from Kelly when he found out she was in contact with her friends, which prevented her from making love to her lovers.

“I was just in communication with two of my beloved daughters and it made me text them long, basically saying why I no longer wanted to be friends with them,” she said. “And then he hit me, he verbally abused me and then he hit me physically. Then he hit me with a shoe – size 12, a Nike Air Force One shoe. And it hit me all over, it felt like hours and I was covered with welts all the way down my neck. ”

Azriel Clary says she has suffered embarrassment since telling her story of her relationship with R. Kelly

Many complain that Clary is with Kelly for his wealth and status. They also question why she has come forward with her allegations now that she has previously denied them.

For Clary, the backlash has been sad. She told Claudia Jordan on the Jordan site Out high talk show:

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“For me personally, it was very upsetting. Most of the support I received came from the Black community and other influencers and celebrities, ”said Clary. “But more importantly, that’s the kind of thing that made me feel like it’s really important that I share this because there are so many people like me. Victims are not the ones who should be ashamed. He should be a predator. It should be nonsense. ”

However, Clary refuses to remain silent, telling Jordan: “It just shows that there are still a lot of hypocritical people and a lot of people who are just ignorant of the situation. There is really nothing I can do for them, personally, but I can do to help victims know that it is okay to tell how you are feeling. It’s OK to open up to the world no matter what the backstory that comes with it. ”

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