Aubrey Plaza Once Said ‘1 of the Most F*cked up Nights of My Life’ Involved Adam Sandler

Actor Aubrey Plaza has worked with many big names in comedy, from Amy Poehler onwards Parks and Recreation to Zac Efron enters Mike and Dave need wedding dates. However, it was one of the things she encountered early in the show business only Adam Sandler. Find out how it was involved in one memorable night for Plaza.

Aubrey Plaza is famous for ‘Parks and Recreation’

Plaza broke out as one of his stars Parks and Ath. The comedy was broadcast on NBC for seven seasons, from 2009-2015. April’s Plaza showed Ludgate, who will start the series as an employee within the Pawnee Parks Department. During the show, she goes from being an uninterested college student to an adult with a career she loves.

The actor moved into famous film roles during and after Parks and Ath. She has starred in The to-do list, Ingrid going west, and many more. In 2020 alone, she appeared in Black Bear (which she also did) and The happiest season. Plaza is also known for its role in the FX series Legion.

1 of her first films was in ‘Funny People’

Around the same time it was submitted Parks and Rec, Plaza also received memorable roles in two famous films. As well as her 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, she showed Daisy in the dark comedy with Judd Apatow Funny people, by Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler.

The film features Ira Wright (Rogen), a comedian. He gets a job as a supporter and writer for George Simmons (Sandler), a famous comedian and film star who is dying of cancer. Daisy is Ira’s neighbor in whom he’s interested, but she ends up sleeping with his lounge, Mark (Jason Schwartzman).

Plaza spent time with the team, Adam Sandler among them

(LR): Aziz Ansari, Eric Bana, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Adam Sandler, Aubrey Plaza and Seth Rogen at the premiere of 'Funny People' on 20 July 2009.
(LR): Aziz Ansari, Eric Bana, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Adam Sandler, Aubrey Plaza, and Seth Rogen at the premiere of ‘Funny People’ on July 20, 2009. | Kevin Mazur / WireImage

With such a full-fledged star (that also includes Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann, and several other actors playing themselves in cameos), Plaza was surrounded by talent. When she agreed to go to a comedy event to see them all perform, she ended up on stage herself, ”she said. Sean Evans on Hot Ones in 2019.

“It was one of the biggest nights of my life because Judd Apatow completely destroyed me,” she said in the evening. “He invited me to the Comedy & Magic Club on Hermosa Beach and it was like ‘Just come with the team [of Funny People], by Ionah [Hill] and Adam [Sandler], and you can watch them. We just get in there. ”

She had to follow Sandler on stage

Aubrey Plaza will be attending the 2020 Independent Spirit Film Awards on February 08, 2020 in Santa Monica, California.
Aubrey Plaza | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Plaza followed the story. “Backup [Apatow] it came to me, and it was like ‘You’re going next. You follow Sandler. ‘And I was like,’ Are you f * cking mocking me? ‘ And then Adam came to me and it was like, ‘You’re going to die out there,’ “she said, imitating a funny voice that Sandler sometimes makes.

“[Sandler] they hadn’t stood up as they had for years at the time, so the audience gave him a standing shout when they announced a name he hadn’t even said anything yet, ”said Plaza. “I was sitting behind the curtain going, ‘This is not going well for me.’ ”

But in the end, it was described as a “very good achievement”. “I think when you have nothing to lose, it really works in your favor,” Plaza explained. “Because I didn’t have any beliefs at the time, so when they called me, they said, ‘And now we have Aubrey Plaza from Wilmington, Delaware.’ ”

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