Ashley Tisdale Used to Have a Bizarre Dating Pattern

Ashley Tisdale earned a reputation as a forward-thinking actress Disney Channel. She is best known for playing Maddie Fitzpatrick on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and asserting Candace’s role on it Phineas and Ferb. In addition, she is also known for playing Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical franchise.

When Tisdale was not working, she went on dates like many young adults. However, looking back, Tisdale revealed that she had a very unusual date pattern.

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale | Images of Dominik Bindl / Getty

Ashley Tisdale once revealed her strange pattern

Thanks to Tisdale’s work on Disney Channel, she was able to reap many benefits, including VIP treatment at Disneyland. In 2019, she shared it The Late Late Show by James Corden that she used the VIP status to her advantage and went on dates there.

“I used to take boys [to Disneyland] that I added a date, sort of, a little flexible, ”she said. “I wish, ‘I’m the Disney royalty. ‘”

However, Tisdale admitted that she would “always part with him [the guys] after the fireworks. ”But, the interesting thing is that she didn’t usually design this.

“I used to get to know those and it happened [that we would break up afterwards], ”She explained. “I didn’t even realize I was doing it until my friend was like, ‘Isn’t it so weird? As you, you go to Disneyland and then after you break up? ‘”

Who’s on Ashley Tisdale’s date?

These days, Tisdale is off the market. She is currently married to composer Christopher French. The two began dating back in 2012 and engaged after less than a year later.

She revealed to us Weekly in 2013 that she only knew that French was her right partner, which explains the quick connection.

“I have been in relationships for a long time. But I think because I knew what I wanted, I wouldn’t have entered into a relationship if it wasn’t for what I wanted, ”she said, as reported by Weekly Us. “I think from the moment he and I met, I just knew him. I was like, ‘Ok this is the guy,’ and he knew the same thing. It doesn’t get any better. I can’t explain. ”

Tisdale and French got married in 2014. In September 2020, the couple announced that they are expecting a baby together.

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