Ashanti Might Actually Be Singing On Some of Jennifer Lopez’s Biggest Hits

Over the past two decades, Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez have been successful in their careers as singers and actors. But for much of that time, rumors have been rampant that Ashanti was the one to sing some of Lopez ‘s biggest beats.

Ashanti will be visiting “Extra” at Burbank Studios on December 03, 2019 in Burbank, California |  Photos by Noel Vasquez / Getty
Ashanti will be visiting “Extra” at Burbank Studios on December 03, 2019 in Burbank, California | Photos by Noel Vasquez / Getty

Ashanti was said to have been singing on Jennifer Lopez’s beats for years

Ashanti ghost singing rumors for J. Lo date back to the beginning of their two careers at the turn of the century. It began with the famous Lopez song “I’m Real” by Ja Rule.

Ashanti was a songwriter and lead singer on the track, as well as other beats from Lopez’s catalog. Songs like “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix)” toured the radio and rose to the top of the charts with Lopez as the singer of credit.

Ashanti spoke on “I’m True” and much more in a 2014 interview There is no Judgment Zone BlogXilla. The “Foolish” singer revealed how she felt about the so-called rumor and her part in it.

She explained that she was singing on a demo of the track for Lopez, and used the label Murder Inc. Ashanti calls for the hook, background, and adlibs – not Lopez. “It was bitter because I was excited because it was J. Lo, you know what I mean?” Ashanti said. “But I was so horrified at Irv [Gotti], ’cause I was like,’ You know I wanted that record! ‘ ”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Gary Hershorn-Pool / Getty Images

‘What is Luv? ‘at first he was entitled to appear J. Lo in place of Ashanti

Interestingly enough, there was another single song sung by Ashanti (as the lead singer) that Lopez should have had on that spot. Joe’s 2002 single fat “What is Luv? ”Rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, thanks in part to Ashanti.

Fat Joe described his first experience with the record in Instagram Live and Ashanti. “Irv and Ja [Rule] they called me and woke me up at about 3 in the morning, and said ‘Come down, we got a song for you,’ ”he recalled. “They played ‘What Luv?’ and you were on and they were saying to me, ‘This is for you and J. Lo; we call it the Latinos. ‘”

Ashanti was appearing on the demo and Joe was so good that he chose to keep it, despite the label wanting Lopez instead.

Ashanti | Theo Wargo / WireImage

Ja Rule addressed rumors of Ashanti singing ‘I’m Real’

Ja Rule stopped Watch what’s happening live with Andy Cohen in 2019, and Cohen did not miss the opportunity to ask him about the “I Am True” rumors.

“Let me clear this story because it’s a rumor to go around,” said the rapper. “So here ‘s what happened: I wrote’ I’m True ‘for Jennifer Lopez. And I sang the original version of it as a reference, but I really feel horrible about the reference, so Ashanti sang the reference for Jennifer Lopez. ”

“When they mixed the album, producer Irv Gotti left some [Ashanti’s] voice below, ”he continued.

Cohen was confused by his explanation and wondered if Ashanti was appearing on the finished track. “She has a voice, I believe,” Ja Rule concluded. “That’s the rumor. I don’t know if it’s true. ”

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