Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Admitted How Failure Helped Him Stay Humble in Hollywood

When it comes to action heroes, not many actors can compare to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bodybuilder rose to Hollywood stardom in the 1980s. And for a long time, he was among the top bankers in the industry. Schwarzenegger once explained how he remained humble despite his success in filmmaking.

Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 2016 NBCUniversal face show
Arnold Schwarzenegger at NBCUniversal 2016 face show | Slaven Vlasic / Getty Pictures

Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen great success and great failure

Early on, Schwarzenegger was a typecast as a muscular hero in movies like Hercules in New York and Conan am Barbarian. But 1984’s The Terminator transform it into a big screen image. as well Terminator sequences, Schwarzengger followed that film with action beats like Commando, Predator, Full recall, Cop Kindergarten, and True lies.

But the actor has suffered a number of pretty big flops as well. At its most popular, Schwarzenegger appeared in 1993 Last Action Hero, an expensive box office bomb. Then, just a few years later, he played Mr. Freeze in disrepute Batman & Robin. And Schwarzenegger’s career never returned to previous success after his time as California governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was unable to repair the ‘Terminator’ series

Further proves that Schwarzenegger’s point is the undeveloped performance of the Terminator suffrage since Cameron ceased to direct. Following his Terminator 2: Judgment Day, four series and a short-lived TV series have tried to keep the series alive. But, even 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fate – made by Cameron – failed at the box office.

After the poor reception of that film, the Terminator series may be late for a long rest. After all, Hollywood has tried almost every technique to recapture the magic. But with or without Cameron, Schwarzenegger, and Linda Hamilton, the films don’t seem to be finding the trace. At least Schwarzenegger knows that’s not the problem.

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