Are Jada Pinkett Smith and Kris Jenner Still Friends?

The Smiths and Kardashian-Jenners used to be good friends. The two families were linked by the long-standing relationship between Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Jaden Smith, but the drama of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson from 2019 may have caused controversy.

While Kendall and Jaden are still good friends (he was one of the many guests at Kendall’s controversial Halloween birthday party), what about their mothers? Are Jada Pinkett Smith and Kris Jenner still friends?

Kris Jenner and Jada Pinkett Smith at a party outside Balmain as part of Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016 |  Jacopo Raule / Getty Designs for Balmain
Kris Jenner and Jada Pinkett Smith at a party outside Balmain as part of Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016 | Jacopo Raule / Getty Designs for Balmain

Jada Pinkett Smith sided with Jordyn Woods

Kardashian fans were surprised that Tristan cheated on Khloé Kardashian with Jordyn in February 2019. Jordyn appeared on Jada’s Facebook Live Series Red Table Conversation on March 1 to present her side of the story. In the interview, she maintained that she and Tristan had never had sex, but admitted that the basketball player kissed her while she was leaving a post-party they were both with. present.

Jada and Will Smith have known Jordyn since she was born. The father of the 23-year-old man, the late John Woods, was working Prince Fresh Bel-Air, and that connection created a close connection between the Smiths and the Woods.

Jada has always said that Jordyn looks like a girl to her, but she was careful about dealing with the false accusations because he hit too close to the house. But she told People that Jordyn asked her help, which led to the Red Table Conversation interview.

“I just wanted her to have a platform to tell her story. That’s it, ”she said People in June 2019. “She is a beautiful young woman inside and out and I am a young girl, we sometimes get into situations that we don’t know for sure how to handle… You just [try to] helping young girls navigate through life, through difficult situations we have all encountered. ”

The Smiths and Kardashian-Jenners won’t be following each other on Instagram

The 49-year-old even recognized the closeness of their families in the interview with Jordyn.

“The relationships between Jaden, Jordyn, and Kylie brought together three families where many connections were made,” she said. To her credit, Jada tried to stay as fair as possible during the interview, making sure he played a devilish advocate for Khloé’s feelings while talking to Jordyn.

While Jada was aiming for the interview, she appeared to all the Kardashians on Instagram during the heat of the false allegations. Of course, none of the Smiths follow any of the Kardashians anymore and vice versa. Will, Jada, and Jaden all still follow Jordyn, and Jordyn still follows them. Kendall and Jaden don’t follow each other, but they still hang out, based on Jaden’s presence at the model’s birthday party.

according to HollywoodLife, Jaden was Jordyn ‘s biggest supporter throughout the drama, even though he maintained a relationship with Kendall.

“Jaden Smith has always been so supportive of Jordyn Woods and there for her,” said a messenger into the center in June 2019. “When Jordyn ran in. [Kendall Jenner, 23] at an unexpected Coachella, Jaden was the one to make sure everyone was okay. It’s a little difficult and uncomfortable for him just because of the nature of the situation, however, he’s happy to be friendly with everyone. ”

The Kardashians took it differently. The whole family cut Jordyn out of their lives, but it seems they all (including Jordyn) have moved on from the false scandal. With the unfollow spree the two families went on drama after Tristan, and with Jada and Kris not being seen together since it all went downhill, it seems the women haven’t reconnected.

Kris also stays close to her children when they are experiencing hardship, which makes sense for a parent to do. Jada – who is considering Jordyn ‘s family – made her own version of that. Although there may no longer be bad blood between the two women, there does not appear to be a relationship.

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