Are ‘Big Brother’ Winner Jackson Michie and ‘Cheer’ Star Morgan Simianer Dating?

Big brother Jackson Michie’s alum love life has been at the heart and center of pop culture since he appeared on the show. After a breakup with housemate Holly Allen, fans have been wondering who Michie would be next day. Now, it looks like he may have moved on to Netflix’s Cheer star Morgan Simianer.

Jackson Michie
Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton / CBS © 2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved

Jackson Michie’s relationship in the past

Michie and Allen’s show was at the heart of their season of Big brother. It made them the winners and runners-up of their season. After the show ended, the two moved to LA and began quarantining together due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

In June, they called it.

“Life works in subtle ways, and this year has been special. Through the highs, the highs, the highs and lows .. there has been one stable through and that is the amazing woman standing next to me. Life has worked in unexpected ways, and unfortunately life takes us in different ways, ”wrote Michie Instagram on 18 June. “This is not the result of bad actions or words, but two people who love each other recognize that relationships may not be for the best. ”

He then addressed his feelings towards Allen.

Why do people think Jackson is dating Morgan?

Months after Michie and Allen broke up, rumors began circulating about him and Simianer, 22. On Dec. 20, the two featured TikTok videos shared. In Simianer’s video, she asked him if he was looking for a wife.

The next day, the two posted each other again. Michie titled his video “burning your picture when they’re out of your league.” They also posted a video of them sitting close to the cup, enjoying wine.

None of them have dealt publicly with the rumors.

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