Antonio Brown’s 1-Word Instagram Post Says It All About His Relationship With Tom Brady

Since he entered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Antonio Brown got smoothly into the complex. Brown quickly built on his chemistry with star quarterback Tom Brady, helping push the Buccaneers to their first playoff field in over a decade. With all of that in mind, Brown made an Instagram post that perfectly demonstrates his relationship with Brady.

Antonio Brown gets his chance with the Buccaneers

With the Buccaneers already gripping their playoff field, Antonio Brown has a chance to make an even bigger impact.

Tampa Bay is surrounded by a group of talented players around Brady, but outside of Rob Gronkowski, Brown is the most experienced option. The All-Pro wideout has several playoff games under his belt, which the quarterback star may see more of.

Brown has 51 tackles on 81 goals for 837 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 10 postseason games. His knowledge and strong chemistry with Brady could be crucial to the success of the Tampa Bay offense.

There are plenty of other influential players on the roster with Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller. The Buccaneers also have a tough running game with Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette.

There are important pieces for the Buccaneers to take that step towards the Super Bowl controversy.

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