Anne Hathaway Won Her Oscar In Only 15 Minutes of Screentime

Each year Hollywood’s best film talent and A-list celebrities dress perfectly to attend the prestigious Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars.

The Oscar is a prestigious award given to the most talented people in Hollywood. Some actors spend decades hard following the accessible cup. In contrast, other actors seem to be quickly winning an Oscar.

There is no doubt that Anne Hathaway is in the second division; she won an Oscar for her part in it Les Miserables, a film where she only had fifteen minutes of screen time.

Who is Anne Hathaway?

BuzzFeed Hathaway’s powerful performance in the film was recently highlighted by nearly 3 hours Les Miserables in total just 15 minutes. However, Hathaway filled a soulful performance every minute of his career in the 2012 film. IMDb states that Hathaway received the 2012 Oscar for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. ”

Although she only has 15 minutes of screen time, it’s clear that Hathaway spent months preparing for the role, getting into character, and making a perfect picture of Fantine. She made every second of screen time count and actually gave an Oscar-Worthy show to the audience.

Hathaway went bankrupt in 1999 with her first TV debut on the show Get True, which followed closely her first film in The Princess’s Diary. Hathaway remains active in the film industry with 45 TV and film credits and five other projects at various production levels.

Hathaway stars in upcoming comedy comedy, Population locks, ready for the first time on HBO Max on January 14, 2021.

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