Andy Griffith Insisted 1 Snack Always Be on the ‘Matlock’ Set

Andy Griffith’s career continued long after Andy Griffith Exhibition. The actor played the title role in another popular TV series, Matlock. Originally in the ’80s and’ 90s, Griffith had no terrible demands for the Matlock set. However, he demanded that one healthy snack be always available.

Andy Griffith as Benjamin Matlock on 'Matlock'
Andy Griffith as Benjamin Matlock Matlock | NBCU Photo Bank

‘Matlock’ was first shown in 1986

Griffith began his time playing the criminal defense lawyer in 1986. A cult classic legal drama, Matlock run for nine seasons.

Griffith’s character solved issues – usually in the last few minutes of a program in a lively courtroom speech – while he had rumpled suits and was driving a Victoria Crown Victoria. Notorious for charging exorbitant taxes, Matlock could justify the price because his success rate was unpaid.

Filmed in Los Angeles, California, Matlock it was supposed to happen in Atlanta, Georgia. Griffith bids farewell to the courtroom and his TV character in May 1995 when the series went off the air well.

A ‘Matlock’ set for Andy Griffith had to have apples and peanut butter

Benjamin Matlock is a normal creature Matlock and so was Griffith. While the actor was courting hot dogs in front of the camera like Matlock, he preferred to eat apples and peanut butter.

According to Dean Hargrove, creator Matlock, Griffith always had to have apple slices and coconut butter in place.

“Andrew really liked coconut butter,” said Hargrove Andrew and Don: Making Friendship and a Classic American TV Show author Daniel de Visé.

Andy Griffith in a view from 'Matlock'
Andrew Griffith on it Matlock | NBCU Photo Bank
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