‘American Horror Story’ Has Yet to Top Their Satisfying Sarah Paulson Scene From ‘Asylum’

Is there anything better than revenge? One The American Horror Story the character, narrator Lana Winters, gets her fame and revenge right after her release from one insane asylum. Here’s our take on a fan-favorite look from season 2 of this awesome original FX series, Sanctuary.

Sarah Paulson reaches Los Angeles premiere of 'American Horror Story: Asylum'
Sarah Paulson reaches the Los Angeles premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ | Michael Tran / FilmMagic

Sarah Paulson photographed Lana Winters, a reporter studying local asylum

Season 2 of this awesome series takes complaints to a new level. After learning about one sanctuary, called Briarcliff, a journalist heads to the place to learn more and, hopefully, gain recognition for a terrifying story. What she discovers is the many harsh practices used on patients, the nun, Sister Jude, is not excited.

Among her study, the narrator is transformed into a patient, with a number of “remedies” used to comply with it. She is even confronted by a clearly confused doctor, Dr. Oliver Thredson. She eventually gets his murder confession on tape and, with the help of one nun, escapes Briarcliff.

Lana Winters finally escapes the Sanctuary with the help of Sister Jude

After a permanent “treatment” and a few unwelcome nights in the Reserve, Lana Winters finally escaped with the tapes from her sessions. While walking around the kitchen, Mother Claudia, a sister at the Asylum, talks to Lana Winters.

The nun told Lana that Sister Jude was feeling bad about what she had done to her, asking her sister to put it right. Since Lana is a journalist, Mother Claudia gave the reporter her own patient file, which confirmed all the bad things that happened to her at Briarcliff.

Fortunately, Lana received the tape from Dr. Oliver Thredson too and she was planning to walk out and sue for the murderer he is. Dressed in real clothes, Lana Winters walked past and into a taxi cab. On the way out, she handed him the middle finger, pushing the tape to the glass while the car drove away.

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Sarah Paulson returns for next season of ‘American Horror Story’

Although she was obviously missing from the latest season of American Horror Story, AHS: 1984, Sarah Paulson returns to the series for his 10th season. It is not yet clear what her role will be, but in the past, she has repeated her favorite characters for more recent events.

For Apocalypse, she returned to the role of Cordelia Foxx, a Supreme witch from Contract. Rè Roanoke, Lana Winters retired to interview Lee Harris. For the 10th season of A story of American horror, however, she works with the show’s alumni, including Evan Peters and Kathy Bates.

All seasons already released The American Horror Story available for viewing through Hulu. It is known that more details about the 10th season of this original television show will be announced in the coming weeks.

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