Alex Trebek’s Widow Jean Marks World Pancreatic Cancer Day In Her Late Husband’s Memory

Yesterday on November 19th marked the sixth annual observation of Pancreatic Cancer Day. The day is designed to draw attention to the devastating disease that symptoms rarely occur until it is far too advanced.

Lots of fans of Jeopardy! yesterday saw Alex Trebek, who died on November 8 from the disease, questioned in a pretaped program. To mark the day, Trebek was dressed in a purple tie.

His widow Jane took to social media to remember her husband and to light the day to, as her husband said, save others from “this terrible, terrible disease.”

Ailig Trebek
Alex Trebek | Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Alex Trebek died on November 8th

The show’s beloved guest longtime game died on November 8 after nearly two years with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was judged to have been named in early 2019 and since then has inspired millions, choosing to face him with confidence and hope.

Trebek addressed the pre-scheduled game that began on Pancreatic Cancer Day with a statement after the introduction of competitors.

He said, “A word about it today – today is Pancreatic Cancer Day. If you or anyone you know has improved some of the symptoms I was talking about before, then by all means go to a doctor and get yourself tested. “

Before entering the divisions, he said, “I want you to be safe. This is a very terrible disease. ”

Trebek’s wife, Jean, noticed he was not well

Jean, during a 2018 vacation with Alex in Israel, realized that he was not entirely himself, as she wrote in A guide post in July.

“We had gone to Israel to visit the Holy Land sites in December 2018, taking our son and daughter, Matthew and Emily, then 27 and 24,” she wrote. “We were ready for dinner one night, and I looked over Alex’s table. It had the appearance of color. ‘Are you feeling all right? ‘I asked. Alex is not one to complain. But he admitted that he had stomach pains. I figured out, okay, we were in a different country. Maybe it was something he ate. ”

When they returned from their trip, they realized he was still not feeling well and visited his doctor.

“Later, back at home in California, things were still not right,” Jean wrote. “His doctor did tests, and then a little more. We were not so worried that we stopped a trip to New York. It was there, in our hotel, that we got a call from his doctor. ‘We need to see you as soon as you can get back from your trip. We have concerns. ‘”

As Alex himself would name to the world months later, his diagnosis was harsh: he had pancreatic cancer that had spread to the soft lining of his stomach.

Jean remembered her husband on Pancreatic Cancer Day

In honor of her husband’s memory, and in honor of World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Jean wrote on the programme’s Twitter account, “It’s over time that we stop giving value every day and start living in full knowledge of kindness and consistency. ”

On the same tweet, the Jeopardy! the account said, “Today is #WorldPancreaticCancerDay. Wear purple in honor of Alex, and help raise awareness of the dangers and symptoms for pancreatic cancer. ”

It is a relevant and urgent message to spread in honor of Alex Trebek and all the victims of the innumerable, no matter what the day.

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