Alex Trebek Once Gave This Touching Tribute To ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Who Died of Cancer

My love Jeopardy! Guest Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer on November 8. The 80-year-old star was named with the popular game show, which confirmed in his statement that he died peacefully surrounded by family and friends .

Jeopardy! Executive producer Mike Richards praised Trebek ahead of the first program since the guest passed away on Monday, November 9, saying, “This is a great loss to our staff and team, to his family, and to the millions of followers. He loved this show and everything that stood out. ”

While a farewell to Trebek, who hosted the main cable TV stable for 36 years, is arguably the hardest farewell the show had to make, the series has obediently give to competitors who have died in the past.

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‘Jeopardy!’ contestant Cindy Stowell passed away December 5, 2016

In 2016, Trebek took a minute to pay tribute to Cindy Stowell, a Jeopardy! a contestant who won six games in a row, which came out between December 13 and December 21, 2016. A video message from Trebek revealed at the end of her last program that Stowell had been living with stage 4 colon cancer during her time on the show, and died on December 5, just a week before her first show aired.

“For the last six Jeopardy! programs, you guys have gotten to know the talented hero Cindy Stowell, ”said Trebek in praise. “Appearing on our show was the fulfillment of a lifelong desire for that woman. What you didn’t know was that she was suffering from stage 4 cancer when we combined these programs with her a few weeks ago. And sadly, on December 5, Cindy Stowell passed away. So from all of us here at Jeopardy!our sincere condolences to her family and friends. “

Alex Trebek died November 8, 2020

Like Stowell, Trebek was also battling stage 4 cancer. The celebrity guest announced his diagnosis in March 2019, and kept his millions of fans updating his health through his treatments.

In his obedience on Nov. 9, Richards said the other 35 Trebek events would be broadcast while they were being killed, the last of which aired on Christmas Day. In his comments, he said:

“Over the weekend, we lost our dear guest, Alex Trebek. This is a huge loss to our staff and team, to our family, and to our millions of fans. He loved this show and everything that stood out. In fact, he arrested for his last incidents less than two weeks ago. He will always be an inspiration for his ongoing desire to learn, for his kindness, and for his love for his family. We take his last 35 incidents when he was killed. That’s what he wanted. On behalf of everyone here at Jeopardy!, thank you for everything, Alex. this is Jeopardy!

The show has not made any announcement as to how Trebek could replace it.

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