After ‘The Outsiders,’ Melissa Gilbert Couldn’t ‘Ignore’ Rob Lowe’s Cheating Anymore—’My Antennae Went Up’

When Francis Ford Coppola’s big screen of SE Hinton’s age-old novel changed, The strangers, it turned out, Rob Lowe ‘s life changed. He was caught hard. And as a result, my love, Toilet on the Moor star Melissa Gilbert, changed lives too.

Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert during the "Ghostbusters" Los Angeles Premiere at Avco Theaters in Westwood, California
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Rob Lowe often called Melissa Gilbert while filming ‘The Outsiders’

Immediately, there was a lot of off-screen drama while filming The strangers. The film showed the tension between two groups of boys from different parts of a small town: the greasers and the South Side Socs (the rich kids). Coppola took an immersion approach. And Lowe told Gilbert about everything (well, almost everything).

“From the time they arrived, Francis created tension among the Socks and Greasers,” Gilbert wrote the memoir, Prairie story. “The Socs were set up in a nice hotel and provided dressing rooms for carriers, while the others stayed in a much lower lying area and were asked to change clothes regardless of the restroom. public service available. ”

When The strangers hit theaters, the attention Lowe started from women could not be ignored.

“Wherever we went, they filled their phone numbers in Rob’s pockets,” Gilbert wrote. “Those weren’t girls my age with a lot of pressure. Growing women, including leading celebrities, struck. They were very direct and often very graphic about what they wanted and were willing to do it for him. ”

And so the tone of the next chapter of Lowe and Gilbert’s friendship was set. The actors got involved in 1986 but separated before they married.

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