Adam Driver Put a Stop To This in 2020

John Oliver fans know he has an unparalleled obsession with actor Adam Driver. There is no program of Last week tonight complete without improper opinion of the Marriage Story star. At the end of the season Last week tonight, The driver nominated the last comedian for these comments, leaving many fans in awe and amused.

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John Oliver has something for Adam Driver

Many Last week tonight fans will love Olive’s penchant for Driver. Over the past year, Oliver has come up with various brutal, often sexual views about the Star Wars actor.

“And of course, I spent the whole year asking Adam Driver to knock me down,” Oliver said during the Last week tonight end-of-season. “I’ve crossed the larynx, an inconvenient boulder.”

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The driver had plenty of Oliver complaining against him, so he joined the show via FaceTime to stop Oliver ‘s’ sexual or violent’ connections.

Why is John Oliver happy with Adam Driver?

Since February 2020, Oliver has consistently made brutal, thirsty claims to a driver while hosting Last week tonight.

“Step on my neck, Adam the Driver, big, brutal man.” Oliver said in a program including what would become its Driver part. “Break my fingers, you brutal mountain.”

Oliver continued to make that joke about Driver through 2020. His staff and even his wife wondered if the jokes bothered him. Oliver was only concerned about one thing – Driver ‘s thoughts on the matter.

“Is this ongoing sexuality bothering him? Oliver was stunned by a program. “He looks like a very private person who is uncomfortable with attention, doing what I do is kind of harassing. Maybe he has really good reasons for questioning me legally. ”

On November 15, Driver decided to stop Oliver’s repeated jokes.

Adam Driver asked John Oliver to end their relationship

In a humorous piece for Last week tonight, The driver addressed Oliver’s passion for himself.

“Listen to me, what f * ck are you doing? ”Driver questioned.

To this extent, this is what you have been doing either sexually or violently. This weird, weird thing that you for some reason attracted me. What is it When you first started doing it, it was easy for me to put it off. But then it kept going, and on, and on, and on.

The driver pointed out that he and the comedian are strangers, but thanks to Oliver’s joke, “there are random people on the internet [them]. ”

“I’m sick of people stopping me on the street and asking if I’m going to bore a hole in you like Marriage Story wall, ”Driver said, referring to the meme inspired by the film Noah Baumbach.

After Driver’s public shake, Oliver told the driver that the piece was over.

“Adam Driver is right, and hot, and great,” Oliver concluded. “But it’s fine.”

Adam Driver fans appreciated his humor on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Oliver’s joke about Driver has entertained many people through 2020. Although the driver was not angry with Oliver, many of the viewers appreciated the fan service he provided in last season.

“I have to admit, I was really hoping for this,” said a fan Reddit said. “I felt like John knew Adam was okay with this, but he sees it playing and proves he’s good. ”

“I used to love Adam Driver, now I love Adam Driver,” said another.

Fans will have to wait until next season to see how long Oliver can survive without mentioning Driver’s big image.

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