Actress Rachel McAdams Should Be Completely Sick of Time Travelers By Now

Rachel McAdams has been in a lot of movies at this point, and for good reason: she has proven that she has bad acting chops as a lead actress.

McAdams ’careers have run the gamut: she has reliably played the directwoman in comedies and also demonstrated her incredible acting ability in more risky roles. While she has shown a lot of flexibility in the types of roles she plays, one thing has been consistent: McAdams always brings a lot of talent and credibility every time out.

There is one particular part of McAdams ’career that has been featured in several films in which she has appeared: the concept of time travel. Let’s take a closer look at why McAdams should be completely ill with time travelers before this time.

Rachel McAdams acting role

Raonaid McAdams
Raonaid McAdams | Taylor Hill / Getty Photos

McAdams has had a multi-tasking and impressive acting course. Her first major role was as the incoming villain Mean girls opposite Lindsay Lohan. From there she became a female star Marriage crashers.

according to IMDb, McAdams has appeared in almost every film genre in her lifetime. Some of her most famous films / TV series include:

  • HBO’s True Detector (season 2)
  • The glory of the morning
  • The notebook
  • State of Play
  • Family Stone
  • Lights
  • Southpaw
  • Game Night

McAdams is still a much-needed actress. One thing that has been consistent is that she is able to play different types of roles. In True Detector, she played a hard cop. In Marriage crashers, she showed a hopeful romantic look. In Spotlight, she was a specialist newspaper reporter but in Mean girls i played a flag teenager.

It can never be said that she plays the same role twice. But there are a few films in which she has stood out for having at least one side as the same.

McAdams and her appearance in time travel films

McAdams has always been a good actor, but in a few of her films, one motif has come up time and time again: the idea of ​​time travel. She is featured in four films in which time travel was the main focus of design, including:

  • 2009’s Wife of the Time Traveler, by Eric Bana
  • 2011’s Midnight in Paris, the film also directed by Woody Allen and Owen Wilson
  • 2013’s About Time, where she played opposite Donald Gleeson
  • 2016’s Strange doctor, in which she played the love interest to Dr. Stephen Strange at Benedict Cumberbatch

These four films identified a key person who was able to move through time. But there’s a simple reason McAdams has to be sick of this time traveler, and it’s about the ability of her own characters to travel through time.

Why Rachel McAdams should be sick with time travelers before this time

McAdams has appeared in so many time travel films at this point, it has become a model for her. But what must be sad is that, despite appearing in these films, her characters did not get the opportunity to take part in the sport.

The most interesting thing about these movies is that McAdams characters never get involved in time travel themselves. According to an insert Syfy, McAdams should at some point get the chance to travel his own time. Her characters are always the love interest of someone who travels through time. She ends up staying in the current timeline, waiting for the man to return. It’s got some repetition.

This is not the only thing that is truly remarkable in its career. according to IMDB, one other interesting thing about at least two of her previous posts is that she has something for mythical critics. For example, McAdams showed Dr. Christine Palmer entered Strange doctor.

Cumberbatch, as well as playing Strange, played Sherlock Holmes on the famous BBC series. McAdams also played Irene Adler in 2009 Sherlock Holmes over from Robert Downey, Jr Downey also appears in the MCU as Tony Stark / Iron Man.

It ‘s not easy to see why McAdams continues to take on roles where time travel is his main job, but here’ s the hope that she (or, in particular, one of her characters) will get the chance to travel at sometime in one of those movies.

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