A Tragic Car Accident Left Sammy Davis Jr. Without an Eye

At the height of his fame, fans knew Sammy Davis Jr. for his music. The talented singer had an interesting life and got to know celebrities like pop star Michael Jackson. At one point, he joined the Church of Satan but later left. As his career began to grow in the ’50s, Davis was in a car accident. While he was alive, he lost an eye. Fortunately, he was briefly healed, and the singer got a deceptive look.

The legendary role of Sammy Davis Jr.

Although uncommon, a number of celebrities have been involved in car accidents. Some have been fatal, and others have just been injured. Actor Mark Hamill was involved in an accident, which left his nose broken.

Some people may not have been aware that Davis actually missed an eye for most of his career. according to curriculum vitae, the entertainment received a car accident on November 19, 1954. He had been traveling from Las Vegas to LA when the incident occurred.

The reason Davis was heading to Los Angeles was to make the soundtrack for a movie. He was driving his car and eventually collided with a vehicle that was going back in front of him. Unfortunately, the accident left the singer injured. However, most of the injuries were on the face.

As a result of the damage to Davis ’left eye he lost it. The musician was only 29 years old at the time.

Sammy Davis Jr. had a glass eye.

(LR) Jacques Cernes, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Milton Green, and Mel Torme | Bettmann / Fios

In the late 1960s, Davis appeared as a guest on the popular sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. He was in the program “The biggest entertainment in the world.” Viewers may not have noticed anything different about it.

As previously mentioned, one of Davis’ eyes was severely damaged. Instead of using an eye patch, the singer would have a glass eye. He had the deceptive eye for most of his life, and Davis didn’t let him stop him from entertaining people.

In addition to his left eye, Davis had sustained injuries to his face. For example, he got a broken nose. In fact, it only took him two months to recover. As a professional entertainer, Davis apparently didn’t want to stay away from performing for too long.

The singer was fortunate to recover quickly to continue his career. It is an interesting fact to note that Davis converted to Judaism after the accident. He saw that he lived as a miracle and looked to religion for answers.

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