A $1 Million Salary Wasn’t the Only Perk That Convinced Barbara Walters to Move to ABC

Few TV people have spread media influence over decades as a broadcast journalist and author Barbara Walters.

From the 1960s onwards, the Emmy-winning Walters were a major part of the evening’s news, and even spread out to produce its own shows (including creation, production and star on a daytime talk show The Vision, which is still a levels hit).

But it wasn’t long before the woman behind the headlines became the top headline herself as NBC and ABC competed to sign her, with the latter offering her a modern contract if only Walters would work with them.

The financial value of the deal created a media frenzy, but it was not making more money that influenced Walters’ decision to move to ABC.

Media tycoon Barbara Walters does not come from a media family

Walters’ choice in 1976 to move to ABC sparked a media frenzy about her new salary, but a closer look at her contract reveals it wasn’t just about the money.

The New York Times reveals that her contract with ABC also promised that she would be able to run four 60-hour programs on ABC, produced by her own company but paid for. with the network.

Her new deal also included her appearance on various political shows to interview politicians, as well as be involved in ABC documentaries. “[T]NBC’s offer did not include work as a co-sponsor of the network’s flagship news program, ”the publication noted.

That was a prediction of Walters ’future as an innovative interviewer. She soon became famous for her in-depth interviews with the most famous people in the world. For example, she has conducted interviews with famous directors and images such as Hugo Chavez, Katharine Hepburn, Vladimir Putin and Monica Lewinsky, as well as several US presidents.

Her self-made achievements have earned her dozens of Emmy nominations, admission to the Television Hall of Fame, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Emmys.

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