’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa Lima Thinks She Knows Who Orchestrated Her ICE Arrest

Larissa Dos Santos Lima was held by ICE earlier this fall, just as she was on her way out of Las Vegas. The previous one Fian 90 days a star recently revealed details of the incident. But Larissa also denied that she could know who asked for ICE’s arrest.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima
Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy / WireImage

The immigration status of 90 Fian Day star was introduced after his divorce

On the last season of Fian 90 days: Happily ever after, Larissa revealed that her green card process was disrupted as a result of her divorce from Colt Johnson. After he withdrew her support, the reality star began to worry that she might be put off. But she kept up with her life, posting regularly on social media while promoting the TLC show.

Towards the end of the summer, Larissa announced that she was moving out of Las Vegas to her boyfriend, Eric Nichols home town in Colorado Springs. But just as she was packing up and getting out of Las Vegas in her moving truck, she was arrested by ICE.

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He was released from federal custody after a few hours. And as she made her way to Colorado Springs, she reached out to concerned fans on social media to tell them she was okay.

TLC shot Larissa before she was arrested

In mid-September, just as its 2020 season was of Fian 90 days concluding, Larissa did an hour-long costume show on CamSoda. The live stream earned her more than $ 100,000, breaking records for the site. But days after his appearance on CamSoda, the star of reality was fired from Fian 90 days franchise.

“Friends and fans, I want to report to you, I am no longer a member of the show Fian 90 days, ”She announced on Instagram. “As a result of my presentation with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC over the phone the day before ICE arrested me. I will continue to make content for my official channels on Instagram, OnlyFans, and YouTube. Thank you for your understanding, love and attention. ”

Larissa suspects that TV producers may have called ICE

In a recent conversation with Fian 90 days blogger John Yates, Larissa revealed details of her ICE arrest. She said officers were not allowed to pick her up from her house, so they waited for her to leave the cul-de-sac and dragged her over as she headed for the Colorado Springs.

“They gave me a hand and took me to the officer’s car,” she said. “They said I was here illegally, so they had to see all my documents, permission from my employee, to see if it was true or not, my social security. ”

Larissa said that although the officers were kind and professional, she was increasingly afraid of being fired. At one point, she began to think she was being greeted by her father and daughter at the airport in Brazil. The reality star also noted that Eric was in tears at the time of the crash, and vowed to go to Brazil with her if needed.

When Yates asked who she believed was called ICE, Larissa noted that she was picked up the day after she fired TLC. She then said that the 90 Days a production studio, Sharp Entertainment, may have handed over the arrest.

Larissa noted that she had been having problems with producers long before CamSoda appeared. She said they had been pressuring her to make a film when she was ill. And she said they wanted her to engage with other members to make the show more dramatic.

The reality star was able to move past her ICE arrest. And she suggested that she is much happier now that she is free from the pressure of filming Fian 90 days.

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