’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Larissa Lima Says Ex Colt Johnson Was So Sheltered, He Didn’t Learn to Drive Until He Was 25

Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s best relationship is not with her husband Colt Johnson. But the one that was before Fian 90 days a star doesn’t blame him for all their affairs. In a recent interview, Larissa suggested that Colt ‘s behavior may have come from the fact that he lived a very sheltered life before he met her.

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The couple were introduced to season 6 of ’90 Day Fiancé’

Viewers first met Larissa and Colt on season 6 of Fian 90 days. Colt, who was 33 at the time, admitted that he had good luck with women in America.

“After hitting out a few times online with American girls, I thought I could study outside the country, maybe find a girl, and then meet me to Larissa, ”Colt said on his first program. “I had sent a message to Larissa, and to my surprise, she answered yes, and we started talking. It wasn’t long until I decided I wanted to meet her in person. ”

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The couple met in Cancun, Mexico, and within five days of their vacation, Colt suggested. He applied for Larissa’s K-1 visa and eventually married her in his hometown of Las Vegas.

Their marriage was false

Fans watched Larissa and Colt’s wedding drama unfold over two seasons of Fian 90 days. The couple were always fighting. And Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson, would often come up with her own ideas.

By the end of their marriage, Colt had arrested Larissa three times for domestic assault. She spent time in community service to reduce costs, but their union eventually ended in divorce.

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Viewers watched Colt ruin another relationship last season Happily ever after. He started dating Brazilian nanny Jess Caroline at the start of the season. But at the end of the day, she put it down because of his lies.

Most of Colt’s lies were about his relationship with other women. He hid his secret relationship with Vanessa Guerra from Jess, despite her suspicions. And he was also telling her lies about the many women he spoke to and posted nude photos online.

Larissa says Colt’s behavior is a result of his sheltered life

In a recent conversation with Fian 90 days blogger John Yates, Larissa talked about Colt ‘s recent behavior with Jess. When Yates asked her if she felt genuine, the reality star said she didn’t want to see her ex in a bad light despite their differences.

Larissa also addressed Colt’s interest in talking to women online. She said much of his behavior was due to his sheltered life.

“If the show showed the true story of Colt and Debbie, people would understand better,” Larissa explained. “Colt had shelter. Colt learned how to drive at the age of 25, as his mother caught him [sic] from work, from school. ”

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She noted that after living such a sheltered life, Colt was fascinated when he entered. Fian 90 days. His reputation attracted attention from all sorts of women, and Larissa believes it was this sudden revelation that led him to action.

“Can you think of one that was built like this?” she said. “This is because people don’t know that.”

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