’30 Rock’: Tracy Morgan Improvised Constantly to Keep the Job ‘Fun’

30 Creag this is perhaps one of the most undeveloped comedies of its time. Each program contains series and series of references and comics. Also on display is a starred team. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin starred along with Tracy Morgan and others. And Morgan was particularly fond of making up on camera.

Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell and Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan
Jack McBrayer as Kenneth Parcell and Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan | Ali Goldstein / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tracy Morgan’s short work began early on ’30 Rock ‘

Apparently, Morgan was fond of making up the show. Even though Fey and the rest of the 30 Creag writers would come up with funny scripts, Morgan couldn’t help but add his own talent.

The practice began early in the second program, and Fey told the story Paley Media Center. Morgan, who plays film star and comedian Tracy Jordan, talks about the different things he has. He said: “I got a yacht. I got a hard gold jet ski, two Batmobiles, AIDS monkey bones… ”

Even though all these writers wrote, it was not enough. Tracy and Liz Lemon (played by Fey) were walking in the scene, and they needed Morgan to keep going until he turned around a corner. So he added some items to the list of awesome possessions that the writers came up with.

According to Fey, his undeveloped items included “the first moped,” “a pair of Rock Hudson socks,” and “a pair of Bill Bixby glasses from his former friend. the best. ”

Tracy Morgan and her character had issues with adhering to the script

Morgan would go on to make up a lot of Tracy’s lines throughout the show. His character was, interestingly, also an impromptu musician. There’s a lot of fun about Tracy not reading cue cards for the indoor sketch show 30 Creag, TGS. There’s even a line about Liz worrying that Tracy can’t read because he never got his lines right.

Morgan co-star Kevin Brown (who plays Dot Com on him 30 Creag) is humorously expressed CNN that Morgan changed because he did not read the script. “He goes off the script all the time,” he said. “He goes off the script because he never looked at the script! ”

But Morgan had a much fuller explanation for doing his job. “I come from a background and the first three letters of the word funny are fun,” he said. “So I always had fun and I believe I made it look easy. I realized I wasn’t reading the script. ”

Tracy Morgan is very friendly with her ’30 Rock ‘entourage

Morgan had fun with his lines, and he also had fun with his constellations, which is what made the show work so well.

Morgan found it easy to have fun with the entrants members on screen because they were all real life friends. Tracy Jordan will always be with her two favorites, Grizz and Dot Com. In real life, Grizz Chapman, who plays Grizz, was friends with Morgan before he was put on the show. He told CNN “what you see on camera – that’s just friends, so that’s why it comes across so well on TV.”

Brown, who played Dot Com, was also close to Morgan before he started the show. He used to manage the star’s career.

While Fey may have thrown these two actors thanks to their connections to Morgan, they ended up adding a lot of depth to the show. And that is something that lasts.

“I’m very grateful for everything I’ve experienced in those seven years, and if I don’t do anything else in TV, you can’t take that away from me,” Chapman told CNN when the show came to an end. “You can’t take away that Liz Lemon is my boo, you can’t take that away.”

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