Cardi B reacts after being attacked for ‘mimicking’ Hindu goddess

American rapper Cardi B has apologized after she was accused of taking culture over her new look.

The new firing is seen as an imitation of a Hindu goddess arousing unrest among the faithful of the religion.

Card B appears in a new campaign for a sportswear brand wearing a red gown with several arms extending out of her body and the images appear to resemble that of Durga, a woman. dia Hindu.

Durga is known for strength, defense and war. And the WAP rapper received a wide range of criticism.

Responding to the bashing she received, Cardi B said in an Instagram video, “So many of my fans tell me I’m obsessed with social media.

“They say it’s because of my Reebok hunt and they say I admired her as a goddess or something. ”

The musician, Catholic, said when she made the shoot the creative people told her that she would be a goddess representing strength, femininity and freedom.

“If people think I’ve ruined their culture or their religion, I want to say I’m sorry – that was not my intention,” she said.

Charter B stated that she did not want to respect people’s faith and did not want anyone to disturb her.

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