Bandits: Who is settling Nigerian youths not going into crime – Okey Bakassi slams FG

Funny Nigerian actor Okey Bakassi has summoned state clerks and governors seeking support and justifying the actions of bandits.Okey Bakassi

Recently, some regulators have backed calls for negotiations with bandits to end evictions in their United States.

Also, remember that the popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, said that the thieves were peaceful people and victims of conditions brought to crime.

The Islamic Presbyterian had called for a heavier approach to the activity of the bands, saying that attacking them removes the ‘monster’ in them.

Speaking of the development, Bakassi was on his Instagram page asking why no one is settling on Nigerian youths who are struggling to survive.

According to him, rewarding terrorists, bandits and those who go into crime in Nigeria is now the order of the day, while other Nigerians who are struggling.

Bakassi said: “I would like to draw your attention to this worrying trend in Nigeria. Heads of service retired but were recently confirmed by the National Assembly as ambassadors. The same service chiefs who could not provide security.

“Also, please note that some clerks and governors have recently been justifying what bandits are doing. Some say they should be positioned and accept society.

“My question is when you fix all the terrorism, which attracts Nigerians who have refused to go to crime but are struggling.

“COVID-19 has been here for a year but no one talks about what it would be like to entertain, young Nigerians who have chosen not to commit violence or live crime.

“If you cost Google how much AK 47 will cost, let’s say we all decide to buy AK 47 and bring young people into one forest and start evicting innocent people suddenly the a government that is busy now shaking hands and defending why you should be settled by the government because you have gone through a lot.

“Suddenly the ministers and the congregation pray for peace, security groups begin to negotiate counterfeit money. We need to help ourselves in Nigeria. “

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