Assurance in doubt as Davido allegedly dumps Chioma, kisses another lover

The news that the famous Nigerian singer’s friendship, Davido le Chioma has fallen has once again surfaced online.

This time, the singer was found kissing her new boyfriend, American rapper, ex Young MA, Mya Yafai.

In the viral photo on social media, Davido was seen in a comfortable position with his new girlfriend.

This is not the first time they have been seen together.

Davido was spotted by Mya Yafai weeks ago while on holiday in St. Louis. Maarten with his team and at an event on the Caribbean island.

There are rumors that the relationship between Davido and his girlfriend, chef Chioma, took place in 2020.

To recall that the popular singer revealed in November that he was under pressure to marry Chioma.

According to him, after the Assurance video, Chioma received hateful messages from people and that affected their relationship.

However, the latest image of a new love named Davido has continued to move ideas.

While some accused Davido of deceiving and humiliating Chioma despite proving his love, others believed that Davido did not swear, therefore, not to under a duty to remain loyal to one woman.

Here are some of the comments DAILY POST collected from Twitter:

@Osas-Bigengine “Before you judge Davido from cheating on Chioma, make sure you are innocent. It is either you have to deceive your partner or God or your friends or even to deceive yourself. All but a few of us are deceived. “

@ Horlatunboshift “Davido promised Chioma, he went behind and cheated on her. I used to direct that the only Wizkid Made in Lagos album is a real love now. ”

@Ajehswag “Peruzzi wrote a confirmation. Technically, Davido wasn’t the only one who promised Chioma a promise. ”

@ Oye440 “Only Davido and Chioma just come to the conclusion that a rich man can never be loyal to one woman. ”

@Bigdaddyvinz “Davido isn’t married to Chioma so he didn’t break his marriage vows… y’all rest!

@Bagofnuts_ “After Chioma cooked for all 30BG and friends. Proof in the mud. ”

@Luz “Assurance for the Endurance turn like this ooo. Chia my sister Igbo to the member of the baby mama league. Davido, why do you Chioma like this. “

@Iamseunalaofin “Davido and Chioma’s relationship is more of a business relationship. Davido used it for PR and used it to become famous and popular so if they break today, there is no winner or loser. They both understand this and are playing their roles well!

@Horluwartomiwah “So let’s wait for the water we’re carrying Davido.

“If I ever leave, have water carry me far away. ”He carries Chioma’s hand!

@ Phikki1 “Offset deceived Cardi, Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé, If Davido is going to cheat on chime, there is nothing you can do about it. ”

@Oyindamola “People kiss well in music videos, even movies too. Flavor kissed chidinma in music video, no one said anything, why is Davido different? He is a singer and actor but he is also human. Give the man some breathing space, he’s not fooling Chioma!

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