Alexander Wang reacts to sexual assault accusation

Popular fashion designer Alexander Wang has dealt with allegations of sexual assault against him.

In December, several allegations of sexual assault surfaced on social media against Wang.

One model Owen Mooney, in a TikTok viral video, said he was sexually assaulted by a famous fashion designer at a crowded club in New York in 2017.

Days later, a TikTok user thought he was referring to Wang and confirmed Mooney.

“It turns out that Alexander Wang is a big sex predator,” Mooney said in another video.

He called for Wang’s persecution, adding that his status and power are no excuse for his behavior.

Also, there is an Instagram page @ s – tmodelmgmt, with unverified screenshots from anonymous people claiming that Wang is accused of sexually assaulting “for a few years now”.

However, Wang talks to E! News, they described the allegations as base and false.

He said: “Over the last few days, I have been receiving baseless and misleading allegations. These claims have been falsely augmented by infamous social media accounts for posting defamatory material from anonymous sources with zero evidence or any factual analysis. ”

Wang, revealed that he had never participated in the accused act and would never have done so.

He said, “The lies about me being told as truths have been growing. I have never been involved in the horrific behavior described and I would never have behaved in such a way. ”

The 37-year-old designer promised to investigate the claims and keep those responsible for spreading such lies.

“I intend to get to this point and be held accountable regardless of who is responsible for initiating these applications and spreading them wildly online,” Wang said.

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