Alaafin of Oyo’s wife, Queen Anu alleges threat to life by monarch

Queen Anu, one of Alaafin Oyo’s wives, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi has said she is threatening and constantly harassed by the monarch for walking out of marriage.

Queen Aanu posted the warning on her Instagram page on Wednesday.

She explained that she left the union because she could not continue living in slavery.

The mother of two others warned that if anything happened to her and her children, the public should hold the monarch to account.

“This is a challenge to protect my life. I never left the palace threatening my life. I can never deny my father the right to give my father, however, it is only a mother to keep them with me.

“I am appalled that my family is being harassed because the king does not know where I am. The attempt to take me captive failed, and I can no longer keep my silence.

“I refuse to live in captivity and will do anything within my human right to be free. I just want to live and be the mother of my children, ”she wrote.

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