Africa needs to fix continent, richest people are politicians – Blackson laments

Well-known actor / comedian Michael Blackson has lamented the state of Africa, especially the cost of living and accommodation.

The American actor, who is originally from Ghana, has called for all African people to be repaired while announcing major problems on the continent.

Using Ghana as a case study, Blacksom questioned why average incomes are so low, yet the country ‘s homes cost more than houses in Atlanta.

He lamented how the richest African leaders on the continent are because of their leadership roles but not addressing the issue in America.

He went on to say that something needs to be done about Africa to make life better for the average person.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “The richest people in Africa are government officials but in America I know bees on just fans who are making way bigger than Joe Biden

“Africa does not have a middle class, you were rich or broke like a leaf. We need to repair our system.

“I am so upset with what is going on in West Africa, if the average income is $ 100- $ 200 per month, why not affordable homes with mortgages between $ 25- $ 50 per month?

“Houses in Ghana cost more than Atlanta but average incomes are lower than what can be a crack on the street. ”

Blackson also suggested that taxes be introduced and implemented in Africa to resolve issues.

“As I hate taxes, I think our continent needs a tax system so that the money can help the less fortunate.

“There are too many things wrong with my continent and we all need to come together and fix this. To be the leader of any country, you have to be self-sufficient, you have to care about the women and children on the streets begging for money as if they were your family. ”

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