Actress Victoria Inyama tests positive for COVID-19

Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

The actress, who currently lives in the UK, posted this on her Instagram page.

According to her, she has been down with the virus for three weeks and is still in the hospital.

Inyama posted a video of her
hospital bed indicating she had received treatment.

Read her post: ”Thanks, thanks @borisjohnsonuk and @mayorofldn for closing the lock. I couldn’t have been more careful with the children going to school etc. ”

She said she was thankful she was the one with the virus and not her children.

“Say Christmas and New Year … what is 2021. Covid… is a terrible virus. Can’t even explain, so tiring, three weeks and still count, ”said her post.

Actress Victoria Inyama is positive for COVID-19

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