29-year-old instagram model dies after botched butt surgery

29-year-old Instagram model Joselyn Cano has reportedly died after botched-lift surgery in Colombia.

There was a 3-hour live stream on YouTube of what is believed to be a funeral of lovers honoring Kim Kardashian, known as Mexico, in a bottle next to a large photo of her.

Read a short message on the stream: ‘Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday, March 14, 1990. She entered Eternal Life on Monday, December 07, 2020.’

Her death was also confirmed by co-model and influencer Lira Mercer on Twitter.

Read her tweet: “OMG Joselyn Cano died in Colombia undergoing surgery. That’s crazy. ”

According to bio LinkedIn, Joselyn lived in Newport Beach, California, and studied Microbiology at San Diego State University

The model rose strongly for content creation on social media and amassed a following of 12.8 million followers on Instagram with over 80k followers on Twitter.

Fans referred to Joselyn as the ‘Kim Kardashian of Mexico’ because of her popularity on social media.

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