2023 Presidency: Wake up, get your PVCs – Mr Macaroni tells Nigerian youth

Well-known Nigerian actress Ime Bishop Umoh, also known as Okon Lagos, has expressed concern about the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

To recall that Prince Harry resigned from his Royal duties and moved to the US with his wife, Meghan Markle after she was accused of being ‘racist’ by his family.

Their recent interview with Oprah was discussed online for the last 24hours, as Meghan revealed how her son’s skin color was a major concern for the royal family.

However, Okon said in a post through his Instagram account that he hopes that what his mind is saying does not appear in their relationship.

He was also wondering what will happen if Meghan separates Prince Harry.

According to him, Meghan is “older, married before, smarter on the street, more experienced.”

However, he advised people not to fall in love with someone who “stands for nothing” when they stand up for “losing everything. ”

“Harry and Meghan have this issue, I hope Wetin is my mind or manifest o.

“I pray for true love, if and just if she has it for Harry to win. I’ll keep wondering what happens if Meghan separates Harry.

“She’s older, married before, smarter on the street and more experienced.

“Meghan is clearly the A-side in the friendship. It’s the river, Harry is the log, ”he said.

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