2023: Pete Edochie endorses son, Yul’s presidential ambition (VIDEO)

Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has backed his son, the 2023 Yul president’s goal.

Yul expressed support through his Twitter confirmation post.

Sharing a video of a father speaking, Yul wrote: “My Father President Pete Edochie reaffirms my 2023 Presidential desire.

“Almighty God, take complete control.”

In the video, Edochie said: “One of my sons who is an actor has decided that he wants to be a politician.

“Most young people have been ringing my phone asking me to go and secure my son for president and I am amazed.

“They insist that we want Yul to be the president of this country because he is sensitive, kind and concerned about people.

“They have buried me so much that today I decided to give you a president, Yul is my blessing, he supports me.

“Any day he decides to step away from the control that has been taken, I will withdraw from the fight I give you my word. ”

Recall that last year the Nollywood actress showed interest in running for the lead.


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